Lelkhova. Evdokia. Efremovna, performer of Khanty folklore. 25.02.1936
Lelkhova. Evdokia. Efremovna, performer of Khanty folklore. 25.02.1936
Lelkhova Evdokia Efremovna
Years of life
performer of Khanty folklore
She was born in the village of Pashtory of Beryozovsky District of Ostyako-Vogulsky National Okrug. In the people, the bearers of this surname were called ԓϵԓ hop (lit. a boat with low sides). According to their patron spirit, they are referred to as Pastyr Yokh 'Pastyr people'. She graduated from primary school in the village of Polnovat. After school, she worked on the collective farm in various jobs. In the mid-1950s, according to the training program for local people, she was sent to the salesmen's courses in Khanty-Mansiysk. Then she worked as a salesman in different villages of Polnovat Ob Region. A large place in her song repertoire is occupied by "borrowed" songs, songs of relatives and friends. Folklore works of the artist are included in the folklore collections " Arϵm-mon'shchϵm eԓ ki mănԓ, in the collection "Tales, songs of the Khanty of Polnovat Ob Region". Folklore texts recorded from Evdokia Efremovna were published in the Okrug national newspaper "Khanty Yasang" and were broadcast on the Okrug national radio.