a performer of Mansi folklore. 24.03.1932-2015
a performer of Mansi folklore. 24.03.1932-2015
Years of life
a performer of Mansi folklore
Nikolay Ivanovich was born in the Khurumpaul settlement, Beryozovsky District, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug of Tyumen Oblast, on March 24, 1932. His father, Ivan Mikhaylovich, was from the Khurumpaul settlement. His mother, Maria Alexandrovna, was from the Muvyngtes (Munges) settlement. Her maiden name was Rombandeeva. Nikolay Ivanovich is the oldest of the children. In the village of Saranpaul his three brothers and sister live. The eldest brother Volodya and the middle brother Leonid have families. Their children are already adults. The youngest of the brothers is called Peter. The sister Pelageya Ivanovna Kachanova lives in the Saranpaul settlement. She is married and has four children. Nikolay Ivanovich's wife Aksinya died a long time ago. Their children are all adults. All his life Nikolay Ivanovich worked as a fisherman, a hunter on a collective farm and on a state farm.
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