Tarlin. 31.03.1934-06.06.2002.
Tarlin. 31.03.1934-06.06.2002.
Years of life
performer of Khanty folklore and the sacred songs of the ritual complex "Bear’s Holiday»
Danil Nikolaevich early left without the mother. He graduated from 3 grades of the Kazym school. All his life he worked as a foreman in the reindeer herding brigade of the state farm «Kazymsky». Folk texts he adopted from his grandfather Yakov and father Nikolay Yakovlevich. They were outstanding experts and performers of Khanty folklore. They knew a lot of legends, fairy tales, historical legends, myths, etc. Tarlin Danil Nikolaevich had a peculiar manner of performance. He did not just pronounce the text, but address to the audience. Using intonation, facial expressions and gestures he played out the described events in front of them. He was one of the performers of the sacred songs of the Bear’s Holiday. For valiant labor during the Great Patriotic War, Danil Nikolaevich was awarded by The Medal "For Valiant Labour in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945" according to the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.