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Ayvaseda. Vladimir. Tallyovich, bearer of Nenets folklore. 05.04.1945
Ayvaseda. Vladimir. Tallyovich, bearer of Nenets folklore. 05.04.1945
Ayvaseda Vladimir Tallyovich
Years of life
bearer of Nenets folklore
Vladimir Tallyovich was born in the village of Varyogan in Nizhnevartovsk District. He graduated eight grades at the Agan school. He entered the Tobolsk Fishing School on specialty "Technician-mechanic for Equipment of Enterprises and Vessels of the Fishing Industry". In 1969, after graduation, he worked in the Salekhard Fishing Factory. After returning to the village of Varyegan, Vladimir Tallyovich worked in the Omsk Department of Hydrometeorology as an observer of the post of the hydrometeorological station in the village of Varyegan. Then he worked as a forester in the Novoagansk Forestry. From 1992 to 1997, he was the head of the administration of the Varyogan Village Council. From 1997 to 2001 Vladimir Tallyovich was a leading expert on national issues in the Committee for the Indigenous Peoples of the North of the administration of Nizhnevartovsky District. Vladimir Tallyovich tells Nenets fairy tales inherited from parents.
Algadyeva. Anna. Nikolaevna, collector of Mansi folklore. 24.01.1978
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Angashupov. Andrey. Alexandrovich, a performer of Khanty folklore, Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR. 1927-1973