Yumina. Matryona. Grigoryevna, a performer of Khanty folklore. 15.04.1934
Yumina. Matryona. Grigoryevna, a performer of Khanty folklore. 15.04.1934
Yumina Matryona Grigoryevna
Years of life
a performer of Khanty folklore
Matryona Grigoryevna was born in 1934 in the Pashtory settlement, Beryozovsky District, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug of Tyumen Oblast, in a large family of a fisherman and a hunter. People of the settlement called the bearers of this surname ԓϵԓ hop (lit.: a boat with low sides) according to the patron spirit Pastyr Jokh ‘people of the Pastyr kin’. The family kept many horses and cows. With the formation of collective farms (in the 1930s), all cattle were taken away except for one cow and one horse. Two brothers were taken to the front. They never returned. Matryona Grigoryevna graduated from the primary school in the village of Polnovat. After school, she worked on a collective farm in various jobs. Matryona Grigoryevna was elected as a deputy. She got married and moved to the Sumatnyuly settlementd. She gave birth to five children, raised an orphan niece and cared for a blind mother. After the liquidation of unpromising villages and the consolidation of collective farms, Matryona Grigoryevna moved with her family to the village of Polnovat. Before retirement, she worked in various jobs. Her repertoire is rich: fairy tales, legends, bailichkas, riddles. Information about the rites was included in the book "Traditional rites of the Khanty people of the Ust-Kazym Ob region", published in 2008 and compiled by T. R. Pyatnikova.