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Tarlin. 01.11.1928 - 22. 01.2019
Tarlin. 01.11.1928 - 22. 01.2019
Years of life
01.11.1928 - 22. 01.2019
performer of Khanty folklore
In 1936, Maxim Grigoryevich was accepted to the Yuilsk Primary School. His teacher was Nikolay Ivanovich Arteev. After one year of study in Yuilsk, his family moved to Kazym, so for the next years Maxim studied at the Kazym Secondary School. In addition, Maxim Grigoryevich graduated from the Party School and was a Communist. In 1950, he was elected the Chairman of the Collective Farm named after Voroshilov. In 1960, he became the Chairman of the Kazym village Council. For many years, Maxim Tarlin worked in senior positions. In addition, he worked as a technician at the Kazym Fishing Factory, then as a reindeer herder in brigade no. 13 of the state farm «Kazymsky», where also his wife worked as a chum worker. In 1983, Maxim Grigoryevich retired. He lived in the camp Osetnye near the village of Kazym of Beloyarsky District of Khanty-Mansysk Autonomous Okrug.