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Logany. Alla. Osevna. 16.07.1966
Logany. Alla. Osevna. 16.07.1966
Logany Alla Osevna
Years of life
Alla Osevna Logany and Alexander Chapikovich (Tatva) live at the camp Porsavar 12 km from the village of Numto of Beloyarsky District of Khanty-Mansisk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra. They began to collect folklore of the Forest Nenets in 1990, when they realized that there were very few Forest Nenets left, many of them stopped speaking their native language and that the language of the Forest Nenets could very soon be lost, because people do not live forever and need to have time to record songs, fairy tales, legends from those who still remember them. Alla Osevna collected tales put on paper and translated into the Russian language. As a result, the first issue of the folklore collection "Tales of Tatva" was published. The second issue of this book is being prepared for publication.
Kazamkina. Agafya. Dmitrievna, retiree. 01.06.1957
Kazamkina. Galina. Efimovna, unemployed. 23.11.1965 - 01.01.2016