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Аудиокассета. Радиопередача. 1998. Себурова О.И., Артемьева Е.А., Инырева Е.Г.
Аудиокассета. Радиопередача. 1998. Себурова О.И., Артемьева Е.А., Инырева Е.Г.
Фонд аудиокассет
Аудиокассета. Радиопередача
Язык и диалект
обские угры, хантыйский
Автор (исполнитель)
Себурова О. Ивановна
Артемьева Евгения Алексеевна (05.02.1947) <viddejat>performer of Khanty folklore</viddejat> <biography>Artemyeva (Lozyamova) Yevgenia Alekseevna was born in 1947 in the village of Pomut in Beryozovsky (now Beloyarsky) District of Tyumen Oblast. Her mother, Lozyamova (Tarlina) Yekaterina Yakovlevna had eight children, one twins and one triplet. Yevgenia Alexeevna was one of the triplets who survived. She studied at the school in Pomut, Kazym. She worked as a milkmaid. Yevgenia Alekseevna took over the gift of singing from her mother. She sang in the collective &quot;Moypar Yak&quot; under the leadership of Yukhlymov Semyon Ivanovich. She composes and performs personal songs.</biography>
Инырева Екатерина Григорьевна (10.05.1926 - 22.04.2008) <viddejat>performer of Khanty folklore</viddejat> <biography>Inyreva (Tasmanova) Yekaterina Grigoryevna was born in yurts Mozyamy of Beryozovsky District, in the family of a fisherman and hunter. As a child, she lived with her parents in a camp located in the lykhma River basin. During the Great Patriotic War, like all her peers, she was engaged in fishing for the front. She is married with Inyrev Mikhail Yefimovich, and raised five children. In the fifties of the twentieth century, the family moved in the village of Polnovat. She worked as a milkmaid at the collective farm named after Frunze until retirement. Folklore works of Ye. G. Inyreva took over from their parents. She told fairy tales to her children. Saying some legend, it was like she was reincarnated in their characters.</biography>
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ХМАО-Югра округ, г. Белоярский
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