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Диск. Полевой материал (фольклор), записанный у Логаны Александра (Татвы) и его жены Аллы.(06:16:19), февраль, март 2016. Логаны А.Ч.
Диск. Полевой материал (фольклор), записанный у Логаны Александра (Татвы) и его жены Аллы.(06:16:19), февраль, март 2016. Логаны А.Ч.
Фонд дисков (оригиналы)
Диск. Полевой материал (фольклор), записанный у Логаны Александра (Татвы) и его жены Аллы.(06:16:19)
Язык и диалект
самодийские языки, лесные ненцы
Автор (исполнитель)
Логаны Александр Чапикович (06.04.1959) <viddejat>performer and collector of the Forest Nenets folklore</viddejat> <biography>Alexander Chapikhovich (Tatva) and Alla Osevna Logany live in the camp Porsavar in 12 km from the village of Numto of Beloyarsky District of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra. They began to collect folklore of the Forest Nenets in 1990, when they realized that there were very few Forest Nenets left, many of them stopped speaking their native language and that the language of the Forest Nenets could very soon be lost, because people do not live forever and need to have time to record songs, fairy tales, legends from those who still remember them. Tatva remembers many fairy tales from his childhood. They were told to him by his grandmother Elpa. When his father went out for a long time to hunt, they stayed in the chum alone with the grandmother and she told him fairy tales. In 1990, Tatva bought a tape recorder and made recordings on cassettes, which were in great short supply at that time. Alexander Chapikhovich used cassettes that already had recordings of Russian songs on them. Because of the lack of tapes, it often happened that he erased the recordings he had made and recorded new ones. Tatva and Alla recorded many songs and fairy tales from the residents of the village of Varyegan, in the camps near Lake Numto. People began to come themselves to perform and record what they remembered and knew. At that time, few people sang in their own language, but gradually many people began to remember songs and fairy tales they heard in childhood.</biography>
Ерныхова Ольга Даниловна (11.03.1966) <viddejat>the collector of the Khanty folklore</viddejat> <biography>In 1982, after graduation the Kazym eight-year school, she got into the Khanty-Mansiysk Medical College for the Paramedic Department. She graduated it in 1986 with a degree in &quot;Paramedic&quot;. The Distribution Commission of the Medical College sent her to work in the District settlement of Beryozovo. In 1986, she took a job in the Beryozovsky Central District Hospital as a nurse in the Children&apos;s Department. In 1992, she got into the Correspondence Department of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen at the faculty of &quot;Cultural Studies&quot;. In 1994, she moved to the town of Khanty-Mansiysk. Olga Danilovna worked in the Okrug Museum of local lore (now the Museum of Nature and Man) as a researcher, finishing at this time the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen. In November 1996, she graduated the University with a degree &quot;Teacher of Cultural Studies, Ethnoculturology and History&quot;. In February 2005, she moved to the Scientific Folklore Archive, which was later reorganized into the Ob-Ugric Institute of Applied Researches and Development. In the Institute she worked as the head of the Archive Department, which in 2010 was renamed into the Folklore Center. Research interests: the history of the Kazym Rebellion of 1933–1934, the relationships of the government with the indigenous population of the Ob-Irtysh North in the 30s of the twentieth century, the Soviet folklore of the indigenous peoples of Yugra. A number of articles have been published on the subject of the research, including the monograph &quot;Kazym Revolt: About the History of the Kazym Rebellion of 1933–1934&quot; (2003), and the second expanded edition of the monograph &quot;Kazym Rebellion&quot; (2010).</biography>
Место сбора
ХМАО-Югра округ, г. Ханты-Мансийск, ХМАО-Югра округ, Белоярский р-он, с. Казым
Время сбора
февраль, март 2016
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