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Аудиокассета. 19 - летие казымского музея, февраль 2010. Салахова Е.Д., Ерныхова Т.Ф., Каксин П.М., Тарлина Н.Е.
Аудиокассета. 19 - летие казымского музея, февраль 2010. Салахова Е.Д., Ерныхова Т.Ф., Каксин П.М., Тарлина Н.Е.
Фонд аудиокассет
Аудиокассета. 19 - летие казымского музея
Язык и диалект
обские угры, хантыйский, диалект казымский
Автор (исполнитель)
Салахова Евгения Даниловна (30.03. 1956) <viddejat>performer of Khanty folklore</viddejat> <biography>Yevgenia Danilovna Salakhova (Randymova) was born in 1956 in the village of Pomut of Beryozovsky (now Beloyarsky) District of Tyumen Oblast. Yevgenia is the eldest child in the family. She grew up with her grandmother, who performed the folklore of Kazym Khanty. She graduated from Kazym school (8 grades), 9-10 classes in the District village of Beryozovo. She graduated from the Tyumen Medical Academy. She started working as a nurse in the Maternity Hospital in Beryozovo, then moved to Kazym and began to work in the Kazym hospital as a nurse. In 1990-2000, she worked as a senior nurse in a kindergarten, and then returned to the hospital. She is married, had four sons, and grandchildren. Currently she is retired. Yevgenia Danilovna often sings at various events of the village, the District and the Okrug. She performs personal songs, bailichkas, etc.</biography>
Ерныхова Татьяна Филипповна (29.07.1948) <viddejat>performer of Khanty folklore</viddejat> <biography>Tatyana Filippovna was born in the family of hereditary herders. Her father was Vagatov Philip Ilyich and mother was Tarlina Anastasia Ivanovna. At the age of ten, she began to study at the school of the village of Pomut, then she studied at the Kazym school. After the end of the 7th grade, Tatyana Filippovna immediately began to work. She worked as a fur farmer in the village of Yuilsk, then in the village of Kazym. She adopted the manner of performing of folklore works from her parents. Tatyana Filippovna performs personal songs of the Kazym Khanty.</biography>
Каксин Павел Максимович (03.12.1927-13.02.2018) <biography>Pavel Maksimovich was home front worker. He worked at various jobs. He was the head of fishing teams. In the mid- twentieth century, he was the chairman of the artel.</biography>
Тарлина Наталья Егоровна (10.12.)
Каксина Евдокия Даниловна (28.09.1968) <viddejat>performer and collector of folklore of the Khanty people</viddejat> <biography>Evdokiya Danilovna was born in the reindeer herding brigade no. 9. At that time, the brigade was located in the area of the Muvәӈ ԓor (the Twisting Lake), which was located in forty kilometers from the village of Numto. Her parents are Danil Nikolaevich and Darya Grigoryevna devoted their entire lives to reindeer husbandry. The family had many children, there were ten children in total, and Dusya was the fifth child in the family. From the age of three, her teachers were the grandfather Nikolay Yakovlevich and grandmother Fekla Andreevna. She began to study at the Yuilsk Elementary School. After studying for one year, she was transferred to the Kazym Boarding School. Her first teacher was Valentina Mikhaylovna Vokueva. Evdokiya Danilovna graduated from 10 grades of the Kazym School in 1988. After graduating from school, she immediately began her work career at the reindeer breeding farm «Kazymsky». From an early age, she has always been drawn to Khanty culture, observing all traditions and customs of her family. Always Evdokiya Danilovna had a dream to become a useful person for her people. In 2002, she entered the Yugra State University at the faculty of Philology, on specialty &quot;Teacher of the Khanty Language and Literature&quot;. After graduating from the University in 2008, she began to work as a researcher at the Beloyarsky Branch of the Folklore Center of the Ob-Ugric Institute of Applied Researches and Development.</biography>
Место сбора
ХМАО-Югра округ, Белоярский р-он, с. Казым
Время сбора
февраль 2010
Учётный номер