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Аудиокассета. Медвежьи игрища д. Юильск, март 2011. Ерныхов А.А., Тарлин П.С., Молданов Т.А.
Аудиокассета. Медвежьи игрища д. Юильск, март 2011. Ерныхов А.А., Тарлин П.С., Молданов Т.А.
Фонд аудиокассет
Аудиокассета. Медвежьи игрища д. Юильск
Язык и диалект
обские угры, хантыйский, диалект казымский
Автор (исполнитель)
Ерныхов Андрей Александрович (1942) <viddejat>performer of sacred songs of the ritual complex of the Ob Ugrians the &quot;Bear’s Holiday»</viddejat> <biography>Andrey Alexandrovich graduated from 7 classes of the Kazym School. Then, after the army, he entered the Salekhard Veterinary College. After graduating from the College, he worked as a chief veterinarian at the state farm «Kazymsky». After retiring in 1991, he organized an open-air Ethnographic Museum in the village of Kazym. He was its first Director. At the moment, he is the performer of sacred songs of the ritual complex of the Ob Ugrians the &quot;Bear’s Holiday&quot;.</biography>
Тарлин Павел Семенович (28.11.1951-24.06.2015)
Молданов Тимофей Алексеевич (22.05.1957) <viddejat>master of Khanty folklore, Candidate of Historical Sciences</viddejat> <biography>He was born in 1957 in the village of Yuilsk of Beryozovsky District of Khanty-Mansiysk National Okrug in the family of a reindeer herder. Coming from a traditional environment, he keeps in touch with his native culture, helps to preserve it and adapt it to modern realities. Timofey Alekseevich is an expert and bearer of the ritual folklore of the Kazym Khanty. He did a lot for the revival of the Ob Ugric ritual complex &quot;Bear’s Holiday&quot;. Along with scientific work, T. A. Moldanov constantly conducts educational activities: teaching the Khanty language, ethnography, crafts, learning scenes from the repertoire of the Bear’s Holiday in ethno-health centers.</biography>
Каксина Евдокия Даниловна (28.09.1968) <viddejat>performer and collector of folklore of the Khanty people</viddejat> <biography>Evdokiya Danilovna was born in the reindeer herding brigade no. 9. At that time, the brigade was located in the area of the Muvәӈ ԓor (the Twisting Lake), which was located in forty kilometers from the village of Numto. Her parents are Danil Nikolaevich and Darya Grigoryevna devoted their entire lives to reindeer husbandry. The family had many children, there were ten children in total, and Dusya was the fifth child in the family. From the age of three, her teachers were the grandfather Nikolay Yakovlevich and grandmother Fekla Andreevna. She began to study at the Yuilsk Elementary School. After studying for one year, she was transferred to the Kazym Boarding School. Her first teacher was Valentina Mikhaylovna Vokueva. Evdokiya Danilovna graduated from 10 grades of the Kazym School in 1988. After graduating from school, she immediately began her work career at the reindeer breeding farm «Kazymsky». From an early age, she has always been drawn to Khanty culture, observing all traditions and customs of her family. Always Evdokiya Danilovna had a dream to become a useful person for her people. In 2002, she entered the Yugra State University at the faculty of Philology, on specialty &quot;Teacher of the Khanty Language and Literature&quot;. After graduating from the University in 2008, she began to work as a researcher at the Beloyarsky Branch of the Folklore Center of the Ob-Ugric Institute of Applied Researches and Development.</biography>
Место сбора
ХМАО-Югра округ, Белоярский р-он, д. Юильск
Время сбора
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